Our Mission

Navidad en el Barrio's mission is making life more pleasant for those less fortunate than others. Diversifying its interests to all age groups has enabled the organization to continue bringing smiles to those who otherwise might have lost all hope.

A Message From Our President

Navidad en el Barrio began at the Ripley House Community Center in 1987 with a $5,000 contribution from Rainbo Baking Company.

Since then, Navidad en el Barrio has grown to encompass Christmas Programs in three major cities, Snow Day in Texas and special events for our "older kids". Our hard work and dedication would have produced much less were it not for the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteers and our treasured corporate sponsors.

We invite you to learn more about us, visit our events, volunteer your help, send your contributions, and make a personal difference in our world. We look forward to meeting you along the way.

Navidad en el Barrio is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the application of tax-deductible private donations to events designed to improve the life of the less fortunate in our communities.

Navidad en el Barrio has been providing these events since 1987 in the greater Houston area. The premier event, our Christmas Program, provides entertainment, lunch, and gifts to disadvantaged school children selected from throughout Houston Independent School District (HISD). An essay contest provides the children with the opportunity to win additional gifts, such as bicycles, in return for a winning essay. In 2001, this event distributed more than $50,000 in gifts to roughly 2,200 school children.

In 1999, Navidad en el Barrio began expanding the Christmas Program to other cities throughout Texas and has held successful events in Laredo and San Antonio.

In 2000, Navidad en el Barrio introduced Snow Day in Texas, an event which allows children in selected communities to play all day in the "snow". In this year, The Young-At-Heart Party was introduced to bring joy to seniors in difficult living situations.

We invite you to learn more about our Officers and Board Members.

Soli deo gloria

  • 30 years of activity in our community

  • Helped thousands of children

  • Impacted lives of incarcerated women, men, and their families

  • Provided college scholarships

  • Fed the hungry

  • Gave hope to those who may have lost it

  • Positive interaction for children with police officers

  • Brought many, many smiles to faces

  • Sponsored families in need, providing basic essentials to get back on their feet

  • Leaders in the community by faith, action, and compassion